The Painted Desert Trading Post Co-op

The Painted Desert Trading Post near Chambers Arizona, flanking the Painted Desert & Petrified Forest National Park. If the old route was still intact going west, this road would run straight into the back of the national park.
This place is beautiful. I never thought I would be able to drive this part of the abandoned overlay of Route 66 again. Thanks to the Painted Desert Trading Post Coop that wish came true. This section of road was Route 66 until the early 50’s, then used as a rural road for some years. Eventually the road deteriorated and was sectioned off by real estate boundaries. Now the Coop owns the section of 66 that the Painted Desert Trading Post straddles and the building is being restored! This is a Route 66 enthusiasts dream come true.


Riverside, Route 66 Arkansas River Bridge Tulsa, Oklahoma May 27th 2019

Tulsa Oklahoma, May 27th 2019. This a cartridge of Kodak Ektachrome 100D 7285 I had in my freezer for 8 years. I shot this footage with a Canon 814 XL. I wanted to capture the riverside area flooding on film. There is also some Route 66 attractions included. Was a pretty day for the ominous amount of water in the river, or in this case, out of the river.





Town West Route 66 Carnival 2019

 The Town West Route 66 Carnival was originally located at Crystal City. I began attending the attraction in 2011, if my memory serves me correctly. The festival arrangements are assisted by councilor Cue. The festival staff and families do a wonderful job of making this festival happen. It is embodies many aspects of Town West, Route 66, family and midway amusements. I have to admit I am a bit of an amusement junkie. I bet the night view from the Ferris wheel is spectacular. I included ride footage from a previous event as I forgot to record ride video this time. Superb event every year!


Crystal City Route 66 welcomes Arnold’s Hamburgers reopening, April 5, 2019

I was very sad to see the old Arnold’s Hamburger property being repurposed for another eatery. HOWEVER, I was blessed with the opportunity to join other diners for lunch at the reopening of Arnold’s Hamburgers at Crystal City, 4253 Southwest Blvd on Friday April 5, 2019. I was excited to see the number of people who turned out for Arnold’s amazing burgers, fries, chicken, onion rings and shakes. Exactly like I remembered them! They are experts at their craft. I took some video of the new location to share the excitement and fun atmosphere.


Oh yeah, The menu…

Some footage from Mayfest from 2018, it won’t be long folks!

The Tulsa Mayfest is a tradition I have enjoyed for decades. Over the years it has evolved styles of art that represent a cross section of influence from that time segment. The feature of the Mayfest that hasn’t changed is that it has always been a place to share changing art forms. The dancing was amazing, and my cinematography doesn’t give it justice. My apologies for the ambient noise. You will just need to show up next year at the right corner.

This footage was recorded at about 3rd and Main on the 18th of May, 2018.




Sad ending for the Brookshire Motel,11017 E 11th St, Tulsa, OK 74128

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The Brookshire Motel Tulsa, Oklahoma Ektachrome E100 January 26, 2019

CyberViewX v5.16.55 Model Code=44 F/W Version=1.98Several days ago I took my Maxxum 9 out on the Route to fish up a roll of the new Kodak Ektar 100 slide film. I stopped and took a few shots of the Brookshire Motel at 11th and Garnett. I now regret not getting more slide photos of this iconic Tulsa Route 66 structure. Last evening I watched the news and learned that the motel, sadly, burned. I watched Rhys Martin speak with the local news crew regarding its pending restoration before this sad event. He looked as disappointed as I felt. I have memories of renting a room there in high school, as well as talking to the owners in the mid 2000’s. Very sad.

Brookshire Hotel 2019-s

A digital panorama of the Brookshire January 26, 2019

Developed using darktable 2.4.3

The Brookshire Motel, January 26, 2019


Route 66 Restaurant in Santa Rosa is losing it’s yellow 1966 Thunderbird

Thursday the 27th of December, we were eating breakfast at the Route 66 Restaurant in Santa Rosa, NM. I watched two gentlemen walk around and look at the yellow (with black highlights) 1966 Ford Thunderbird sitting in the closest space of the parking lot. I couldn’t help but ask why they were so interested in this iconic Route 66 attraction. Sadly someone mentioned that the old T-bird had been sold and the fellows were trying to figure out how to get it 800 miles back to Texas. That was the last week for the Thunderbird to perch in Santa Rosa. I rushed out to the parking lot to get some shots of it before it was moved to it’s new home. The T-Bird seems to have been there as long as I  can remember. I bet many will miss the yellow Ford parked in the first parking space. It has been a town attraction for lots of years. The good thing is the restaurant is going strong and the food and service was excellent, as usual.


Saved by the Old Road

As we were driving back from the mountains, there were many traffic accidents on I-40 that stopped traffic for hours in both directions. I took a chance and left Santa Rosa on the 50’s overlay of Route 66, then turned north on a very old overlay (Cuervo Lane) of the route/ trail. We made it with no problems. Very blessed not to be stuck in the hour plus traffic delay, although I wouldn’t have tried if I hadn’t seen another smaller car turning out of New Mexico Highway 154 from Cuervo Lane. At the bottom is a video link to the traffic jam we encountered on our way to Santa Rosa and the detour we experienced.